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Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases in the UK

The news hit the Vet Times about a week ago and the media today that there are new tick-borne diseases discovered in the UK, which hadn’t been seen in pets before.

The discovery was made in the South of the UK.  The link to the website with the news is here.

Those pets in which the disease had been discovered didn’t travel abroad and somehow still contracted a tick-borne disease previously not seen in the UK.

Last year, MSD asked vets around the country to collect ticks from dogs and send them to Bristol Veterinary University.  The purpose was to study the diseases the different types of ticks were carrying and to get a distribution map for the UK.  Bristol University became overwhelmed with a large number of ticks sent to them by vets all over the country and the research is still ongoing.  They anticipate to publish their findings sometime in summer 2016.

MSD also provided vets with a video link to educate clients on what ticks carry, what they do, where you find them, how they transmit, how to find them on your pet and in which way they can make your pets ill with the diseases they carry (previously mainly Lyme disease) and how they even can make humans ill by passing on Lyme disease.  The video link can be accessed here.

For more information on the Big Tick Project by MSD, click here.

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